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Consenting Adults – Some Safety Tips

Often times when we think of dating violence, we think that it must have occurred during a date with someone that was met online or perhaps a blind date, however studies have shown that the majority of dating violence that occurs, happens between people that already know each other. So even if you think you know your date very well, it is still important to use your head and follow the simple dating tips that will keep you safe. Based on whether you know your date, or whether you are meeting them for the first time, there are some different rules that you should follow to ensure your safety. Whether your date is a friend or a stranger you are meeting for the first time, you should always keep in mind the following dating tips:

  •  Make sure to tell someone where you are going, and an approximate time that you plan to return.
  •  If you are attending a first date or blind date, make sure to meet in a public place, and always make sure to have your own transport, or enough cash to get a taxi if you should need one.
  •  Trust your instincts, if your date is acting strange or makes you nervous, chances are something is not right, you should go with your gut instinct and end the date.
  •  Never leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from a stranger.
  •  Drugs and alcohol are likely to cloud your judgment so it is better to only have one drink or none at all.

If you are dating someone that you have met online, it is important to follow the above rules. However with online dating, there comes a whole other set of rules that should be followed to ensure your health and safety. Most of the following rules are common sense but some of them you may not have known and they could end up saving your life in the case of a dangerous situation.

  •  Never give out your home address, phone number, or even your last name (with all of the technology available these days it is very easy to track someone down with just their name).
  •  You should never meet your date anywhere but a public place with lots of people around.
  •  Always carry a mobile phone with you and have it turned on!
  •  Never go to the house of a person you have just met, even if they seem nice.
  •  If you meet someone on our site that seems suspicious you should report them right away.